Art among skeletons

Joe Vollan's art seems inspired by nightmares, fears, menaces, by nature and its cruel rules. And most of all, Joe Vollan's paintings are without exception author's mind processes. Through his surrealistic pieces of art, painted in their majority with acrylic on panel and acrylic on canvas, he creates bizarre worlds. He creates fantastic tales, where skeletons, giant whales, humanized birds and other terrifying creatures live their adventures like people in the real world do; they die, they suffer and most of all, they are willing to escape their own monsters.Joe Vollan Painting


For his distinctly works of art, Joe Vollan has become highly respected around Seattle. Having shown in all of the top galleries, in the area from Roq La Rue, Flatcolor Gallery, BLVD, Schmancy, Ouch My Eye, he has now begun showing his works down the west coast as far as Alpha Cult in Los Angeles.

The rest of his  astonishing paintings you can see on his website.  

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