Spring solo shows at London Miles

If you happen to be in London at the second half of March you must make a stop at the London Miles contemporary art gallery. UK's top venue for surrealist, pop, lowbrow, comic book and illustration art will put on show the works of two amazing American artists Stella Im Hultberg and Scott Belcastro.

"Fragmented is the highly anticipated solo show from Stella Im Hultberg. Her paintings are conceived in varying combinations of ink, watercolor, and oils on paper, wood and canvas. Her portraits of women are rendered in easy, flowing lines with soft hues that transcend the typical critiques of feminine beauty, inherent in today's self conscious society."

Fragmented, by Stella Im HultbergFragmented, by Stella Im Hultberg

The show's opening is on 11th March, 7pm with Stella in attending so this is a great chance to meet the artist, the works will be on display until 21st of March. Up till then read London Miles Gallery's interview with Stella Im Hulteberg to learn more about her art.

The other solo show will put on display the newest collection of paintings "I dare the Sky" signed by L.A. based artist Scott Belcastro, whose  "artwork is inspired by the woodlands of New York's upstate region where he grew up. His artwork is a beautiful contrast between vast, dramatic skies and the meticulously detailed landscapes below, often expressing feelings of loneliness and hope. Using acrylic paints on wood panels, he creates awe-inspiring works of art with multiple layers of detail, encouraging the viewer, via the vicarious nature of his work, to reconnect once again with their natural surroundings."

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