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Kelly Vivanco, Glow

Kelly Vivanco admits she enjoys painting without planning, just letting her imagination run free and see where it takes her. To people who ask what are her artworks about she encourages them to find their own meanings. The artist depicts a late childhood’s fantasy world where animal talk (and wear hats) and young girls are the heroines of great adventures which imply magic wildlife, treasures, fairies, epic tests and a secret reward.

Kelly Vivanco, Offshore

Kelly Vivanco, Offshore

Kelly Vivanco was born and raised in the Southern California. She received her BFA with honors from Laguna College of Art and Design in 1995, and in 2004 she became a studio artist at Distinction Gallery and Artist Studios, located in Escondido, California.

Her artworks painted with acrylic or oil on canvas or panel, are mostly inspired from nature, vintage photographs, children's literature and her own dreams and fantasies. And if you ask us, they are simply amazing!

Kelly Vivanco, GlowKelly Vivanco, Glow

Kelly Vivanco, Thoughts
Kelly Vivanco, The Little Party
Kelly Vivanco, The Gathering
Kelly Vivanco, Safe Journey
Kelly Vivanco, Party
Kelly Vivanco, Moonrat
Kelly Vivanco,  Lantern Owl
Kelly Vivanco, Knot Hole
Kelly Vivanco, Eva
Kelly Vivanco, Bear Waits

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