Focus on Uncertain Times

Amy Casey's paintings recreate, with acrylic on panel, on canvas or on paper, her nightmares concerning the end of the world. "Inspired by natural and unnatural disasters, personal fiascos and never-ending stream of bad news coming from the media, the world inside my paintings has been turned (sometimes literally) upside down. The ground has crumbled underneath them and the sky is falling", says Amy.

Amy Casey, Keeping it TogetherAmy Casey, Keeping it Together, 2009

Her cartoonish surrealist paintings (especially those from the Uncertain Times collection) depict fragile worlds coming to an end, vulnerable communities in danger, exposing the illusion of safety. Still, "every disaster is followed by rebirth" and every downfall is pursued by a new period of growth, we would like to add.  

Amy Casey, Uncertain TimesAmy Casey, Uncertain Times, 2009

Amy Casey (b. 1976 in Erie, Pennsylvania) began studying art at the School of the Performing and Visual Arts (Erie, Pennsylvania). She focused on painting while studying at Cleveland Institute of Art. She received a BFA in painting in 1999 and now she lives and paints in Cleveland and is represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago. Looking forward to seeing your new projects, Amy!

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