Sisters, farms and supernatural forces

Andrea Kowch, Two Rural Sisters

Rural scenes, sad brides, strange sisters, crows, fire, superstitions and supernatural forces. These are what Andrea Kowch captures in her beautiful, mysterious paintings, shown all over in the United States and Canada.

Andrea Kowch, No Turning BackAndrea Kowch, No Turning Back

Her artworks explore beauty and fragility of nature, reminding us to always try to preserve the environment. They also symbolize the complexity of human mind and soul, and draw humanity's attention over the sacredness of nature. Andrea's paintings retain a sense of vagueness, in order to let viewer to draw his own conclusions.

Symbolic reinterpretation of human soul and complex environment problems are expressed also through the representation of farm animals, and dark menacing crows (a fine allusion to Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Crows").

Crows also suggest a profound psychological process and the human struggle to preserve lucidity. That is why women in the houses seem inactive, more dead than alive, placid, as society today, and why women in the field seem happy as recovered by nature.

Andrea Kowch, Two Rural SistersAndrea Kowch, Two Rural Sisters

Born in Michigan, Andrea received her BFA at the College for Creative Studies. She is the winner of numerous regional, national and international honors and in 2005 she was an award winner and alumnus of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, which ranked her among the top 2% of young American talent.

Nowadays she also illustrates books, and her work features in CMYK Magazine and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, international art annual, volumes 15 and 16. She explores her talent in many artistic mediums, but what we love best is her magic realistic paintings, created, most of them, with acrylic on canvas or oil on canvas. 

Andrea Kowch, Apple of my Eye
Andrea Kowch, Blackbirds are Gathering
Andrea Kowch, Chosen
Andrea Kowch, In the Path of the Wind
Andrea Kowch, Losing Eden
Andrea Kowch, No Trespassing
Andrea Kowch, Refuge
Andrea Kowch, Superstition
Andrea Kowch, The Guests
Andrea Kowch, Unexpected Company

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