Girls with hearts on a sleeve

Nom Kinnear-King is a young British painter focused on female imagery, as projections of her passion for literature, travelling, folklore. Some of her works are results of special encounters; others are inspired by theatre, circus, and Balkan music, films of Jean Pierre Jeunet or famous artists like Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall and Frieda Kahlo.

Nom Kinnear-King, Cafe RoseNom Kinnear-King, Cafe Rose

Nom defines her style as magic realism, as she enjoys playing with reality, showing her character’s imagination and inner world as their heart on a sleeve. These fragile characters are fascinating, hiding all sorts of secrets under a childish allure, challenging you to find their stories and ending up loving them all.

Nom Kinnear-King, Maritime Grace (Rosa)Nom Kinnear-King, Maritime Grace (Rosa)

Nom Kinnear-King works with different mediums, with oils on boards and on canvas or acrylics on canvas. She studied Fine Art Print at Norwich School of Art and Design then moved to Brighton, Melbourne, then London, currently painting from her “barn attic in the Norfolk countryside”. Paintings are available from The Fine Gallery (Bath), The London Miles gallery (London), Nom being part of Just Another Agency in Melbourne, Australia.

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