True passion for fairytales

Michelle "Mia" Araujo is only 24 years old and has already astonished critics with her acrylic on wood paintings. Born in Los Angeles, Mia graduated Otis College of Art & Design and her works are being submitted in well-known art shows and galleries including Roq la Rue, Ad Hoc Art or Corey Helford Gallery. She also has a twin sister which is both her harshest critic and closest friend.

Mia Araujo, PersephoneMia Araujo, Persephone

 Still, I would like to tell you more about her marvelous paintings inspired mostly by her childhood tales (Midsummer Night’s Dream, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, 12 Dancing Princesses) and by nearly every form of art, from music, animation, fashion, comics, poetry, literature, films or vintage photography. Generally speaking, Mia gets her creating power from all those things she's passionate about, whether it's a beautiful song or a great movie.

Mia Araujo, Two SpiritsMia Araujo, Two Spirits

After restoring her creative energy Mia Araujo starts drawing mini narrations, always letting spontaneity guide her. The female character is present in all her works because she feels women figures suggest a life-long exploration. Mia puts on display wicked witches, beautiful queens, dark muses, fears and fetishes depending on one's imagination. Still, this talented artist also ventures in portraying men, animals, fantastic creatures and everything that feeds her creativity. Each painting is a mystery even for its creator and every artwork earns new meanings with different viewer.

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