Forceful feminine visions

I am very fond of surrealistic art, as a form of expressing pure, genuine emotions. That is probably why these otherworldly girls, painted by Lori Earley, gained my full interest. Born and raised in New York, Lori studied at School of Visual Arts from NY City and from 2004 began exhibiting her works all over USA and in Europe.

Lori Earley, Ms VLori Earley, Ms V

Her portraits, often painted with oil on board or on linen, are actually an expression of her emotions, moods, alter-egos or representations of her own experiences. Painting is a form of self-expression. "I paint because I have to and need to, not necessarily because I want to", says Lori on her website. 

Her mature style in portraits, with elements of Baroque and Mannerism, embodies an undeniable feminine force and a supernatural energy. I think they're splendid.

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