Exploring mind's fears and obsessions

 Jonathan Viner's "Harem" collection explores themes of intimacy and vulnerability, control and voyeurism with its captivating, realistic representations of sensual girls listening to headphones; which, reminding me of John Fowles' s novel The Collector, are altered from independent individuals to vivid artifacts.

Jonathan Viner, IrinaJonathan Viner, Irina

The women's relaxed postures, dazed, ecstatic face expressions, their nudity, everything suggests a deeper level of interpretation, including that of a stronger, superior will controlling their mind.

Jonathan Viner's oil paintings demand continuous contemplation and deciphering based on their harsh beauty, detailed composition and recurrent symbols. He creates a profound imagery of ambiguous atmosphere that are most referring to a dangerous state of mind, obsessions and the need of power and safety in a hostile world, constant themes in Viner's paintings.

Born in 1976 in New York, Jonathan Viner received his BFA in 1998, from the Rhode Island School of Design. He now lives and works in New York, inspired by Old Masters, contemporary American pop culture and, obviously, psychology.

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