Boho, Brogues and Bold trousers

Want to see what runway trends translated well into street fashion? First is the modern-boho look, well actually one aspect of this look: the fur gilet, which is now everywhere. But there are also other boho details like ethnic or flower prints, folksy knits, fringes, cross-body bags and flare denim jeans.

Street style: modern boho

Fur vests are worn with everything, my favorites look are those which match fur gilets with tartan/plaid for a country-chic vibe.

Street style: fur vests

Maybe not so boho (well if teamed with flower prints, like in Tokyo girl case) but more tsarina style, the fur hat is once again fresh, young and chic.

Street style: fur hats

Flat brogues/wingtips is one of those cool trends forwarded by fashion models. Girls everywhere wear these shoes with almost everything from dresses, skirts, skinny jeans to the latest trousers.

Street style: brogues

Bold trousers: and speaking of which, harem/dhoti/carrot pants, or whatever are they called, loose hips-narrow ankles pants take over the fashion world as the must-have fall 2008/winter 2009 item. These new trousers make the entire outfit, really.

Photo credit: street style blogs with pictures from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sidney, Stockholm and Tokyo.

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