Inspiring street style

It is passed mid-February, the end of winter season but not yet spring. Feeling a little bit confused with what you should wear between seasons?

Don’t worry! Fashion bloggers from all around the world are here to the rescue. These very inspired free lancers fashion editors or cool-hunters as you want to call them are looking for people with great fashion sense.

Berlin Street StyleBerlin Street Style - StilinBerlin

Their pictures (some have daily photo shots) capture the everyday style of a neighborhood, city or different occasions.

Helsinki Street style Helsinki Street StyleHelsinki Street Style - HEL LOOKS

For me these blogs are truly helpful in the every day pursuit of another cool, original new outfit to show off.

Munich Street StyleMunich Street Style-Style/clicker

As you can see here, in the verge of a new fashion season, the favored choices are basic pieces that can never go out of date but teamed up with funky pieces, bold colored accessories or unexpected print combination.

New York Street Style New York Street StyleNew York Street Style - facehunter Oslo Street Style Oslo Street StyleOslo Street Style - Oslostil Tokyo Street Style Tokyo Street StyleTokyo Street Style - style-arena

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