Dadu Shin - illustrating with a point

A young American artist with an ice-cream company name (in his own words) Dadu Shin does highly original illustration with strong concepts. Some of them are images of written ideas, collaborating with financial issue PLANSPONSOR being one of the proudest moments for the artist. A fresh graduate from Rhode Island Institute of Design, Dadu Shin experiments with various techniques and trains his drawing skills with fashion illustration. For his commissioned works he uses or mixes painting with digital rendering tehnology, admittedly for the beauty of firm lines and shapes.

Dadu Shin, Re-cultureDadu Shin, Re-culture

In an interview he answered for Gallery Nucleus the artists reveals his inspiration sources and his favorite motivational quote. I personally found his works to be delightful visual tales, a combination of social clever caricature and whimsical stories, with a graphic aesthetic that makes a brilliant use of proportions: widespread landscapes/ settings, tiny human characters and giant fantasy creatures all imagined in a colorful, sharp geometry.

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