Popovy Sisters: Haute Couture Art Dolls

Popovy Dolls, Ballet BJD series

Meet the most exquisite dolls, creations of twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, two artists and fashion designers living in Russia. These are not just wonderful representations of feminine beauty but complete works of art together with assorted couture costumes, display settings and enchanting stories woven around them.

Popovy dolls, Ballet BJD seriesPopovy dolls, Ballet BJD series

In 2004, after graduation from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Yekaterinburg, the talented duo started experimenting with several artistic materials (china, fumo, self-fusing plastics) and delivered the first collections of portrait dolls.

Their passion for fashion design soon expressed through the play of various fabrics leading to conceptual collections of 10 to 15 dolls mixing couture design and doll art.

Prior work behind every collection starts from developing the concept, documenting and searching for images, choosing technique and drawing sketches. The doll's gesture, costume design and artistic setting, all go together to maximum effect.

Popovy art dolls have been featured in prestigious industry publications as indicative of the new wave of Russian art-doll creators and displayed at international art salons in Russia, Lithuania and Japan.

Check out their latest creations at www.popovy-dolls.com

Popovy Dolls, BJD series, Summer
Popovy Dolls, Garter collection, Blue Bird
Popovy Dolls, Garter collection, Cherry Bird
Popovy Dolls, Cult collection, Nephthys
Popovy Dolls, Mod collection
Popovy Dolls, Garter collection, Pink Bird
Popovy Dolls, Skin collection, The Hunter
Popovy Dolls, Garter collection, Gold Horse
Popovy Dolls, BJD exclusive
Popovy Dolls, Fashion Moon collection, Cherry Blossom

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