Anna Zueva's paper clay fairies

Anna Zueva, a professional doll artist from Perm, Russia creates whimsical puppets inspired by Slavic fairytales, historical figures or film characters. A graduate of art school as well as of Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture, design department, she made her first art doll in 1990 (gave it as a birthday gift to a friend) and kept delighting the world ever since.

Rider on the melody doll, 2012, Anna ZuevaRider on the melody doll, 2012, Anna Zueva

The inspiration for her dolls comes from everything reaches her imagination from books and films to a simple gesture or a piece of fabric. The art dolls are made from paperclay, acrylic paint, textile, mixed-media and have hand-made clothes and accessories. Anna Zueva studied the History of Russian Theatre Costume and even wanted to become a fashion designer; fortunately for the art world, her present occupation is much more fulfilling.

Anna Zueva’s unique art dolls are exhibited at Parsuna Art Dolls Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), Vachtanov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Karina Shanshieva’s Gallery (Moscow, Russia), and some of them belong to private collections in Germany, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. In 2010 the artist was a winner of Colliii Awards 2010 (world's largest competition for dolls, Germany) in the category Best OOAK Mini-Human.

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