Enchanting porcelain beauties

Marina Bychkova holding Echo

Marina Bychkova, originally from Siberia, accomplished her doll making art in Vancouver, Canada after studying Fine Art at Emily Carr Institute and taking advanced jewelry design classes. The result took shape as the Enchanted Doll the artist’s own label of exquisite porcelain ball jointed dolls. There are many doll artists out there but few of them can create a thrilling universe of their own. The name was inspired by Paul Gallico’s fictional short story called Enchanted Doll, “where a young woman creates dolls with so much love that they enchant people at first sight with their compelling, delicate, life-like beauty”. I think we all can agree that Marina Bychkova brought this story to life.

Echo doll by Marina BychkovaEcho doll by Marina Bychkova

Her art dolls are truly mesmerizing. Apart from their vivid, delicate faces painted with ceramic-china paint, their perfectly mobile bodies with a life-like articulation system allow every possible pose (just like a model in a fashion shoot). In fact it was the “beautiful balance between a delicate form and an extraordinary function of a doll” that was the main interest in Marina’s creative quest.

As a child the frustration provoked by the poorness and monotony (and I can add the stiffness) of mass-market dolls challenged her to create her own movable paper toys which she even sold to her classmates. It was clear even at that early age that doll making was her foremost artistic calling. From then until the successful business of today Marina ceaseless experimented and worked at creating the perfect dolls that are now an irresistible mix of mobility and fascinating beauty, both fragile and sensual.

The meticulous construction of one single 13 inch Enchanted Doll incorporates a huge amount of hours, including the designing of the accessories: beautiful silk/mohair wigs and superb costumes. Miniature silver or bronze head pieces, gold-plated corsets and shoes adorned with precious stones are works of art on their own along with the lavish, embroidered or bejeweled attire.

Marina Bychkova's art dolls are inspired by her travels to the Far East, Russian folklore, historical controversial figures, European gothic architecture and classic children tales. The gorgeous Echo #1, the first doll from a limited edition inspired by Marina’s recent travels to China will be displayed and available for purchase at the 7th International Doll Salon in Moscow, October 6-9th, 2011.

Alice doll by Marina Bychkova
Cixi doll by Marina Bychkova
Cinderella doll by Marina Bychkova
Elena doll by Marina Bychkova
Agnetha doll by Marina Bychkova
Lotus doll by Marina Bychkova
Nitocris doll by Marina Bychkova
Swan Princess doll by Marina Bychkova
Imperial Concubine doll by Marina Bychkova
Countess Bathory doll by Marina Bychkova
Dunyazade and Scheherazade dolls by Marina Bychkova

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