Copenhagen Fashion Week: Highlights (I)

Bruuns Bazaar

Forget Paris, London and Milan! Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen are now the new European fashion centers. The latter one was the home of the Copenhagen Fashion Week festival, held in August, 6th to 9th, which, gathering almost forty fashion labels, made a huge display of the well-known modern-edgy Danish style. Some of the best collections tempered the edge with a feminine appeal.

One of the CFW's highlights is Bibi Ghost, a young Danish designer presenting her second collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The label's design aesthetic lies in an atypical mix of playfulness and mature look with unexpected details, of loose volumes and minimalist cuts.

Bibi Ghost spring 2009

The use of draping, blush pink and mocha brown softens the geometric lines and stark black while asymmetric details and the lively print gives Bibi Ghost's spring 2009 collection a cheery feeling.

Bibi Ghost @ CFW

Bruuns Bazaar is known to be the pioneer who started the Danish design wave, being the first Danish fashion brand to present in Paris, back in 1999. The company stayed truth to the innovative "oath", creating women's wear, menswear and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Bruuns Bazaar spring 2009

Bruuns Bazaar spring 2009 collection mixes classic styles and modern details creating a unique, smart casual look. Monochromatic outfits, jumpsuits, tunics worn over straight-leg trousers create a long and lean silhouette while sporty touches soften up those tailored blazers and trousers.

Bruuns Bazaar @ CFW

The spring 2009 collection of Malene Birger, crowned "Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen" by MTV Europe is a perfect example of sultry refined style with a quirky twist. By Malene Birger, her label launched 5 years ago, is sold now in over 30 countries, and includes also a luxury line of bags and shoes.

By Malene Birger spring 2009

Like in all Malene Birger collections, luxurious fabrics are being draped and cut in body-caressing shapes, which emphasize a tiny waist. The classy look echoes style icons from the past, forties glamour in this case, while the colors range from nude and blush tones to mustard yellow and mulberry purple and to glossy black.

By Malene Birger @ CFW

London-based label Camilla Stærk (not to be mistaken with the same name Danish designer that creates under the Stærk label) presented a spring 2009 line destined for the stylish modern girl: a fresh mix of laid-back and sophisticated style, of different textures (leather, knits and lace), of dusty pastels, vivid yellow and coral as well as understated grey and black.

Camilla Staerk spring 2009

The varied collection matches shoulder-padded, double-breasted, short jackets with loose cropped pants, pencil skirts and body-hugging dresses; one grey jacket also came in the form of a playsuit top. There was a subtle nautical vibe translated into paperbag-waist skirt and cropped pants with gold buttons and thin rope-like belts.

Camilla Staerk @ CFW

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