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How to soften a John Galliano look
April 6, 2020

I was never a John Galliano fan, it sort of creeps me out- he’s too theatrical for my taste- but some of his designs can be easily worn and this is one of those. John...

La Princesa y el Rey Pez, Conrad Roset
April 13, 2019

Young illustrator Conrad Roset, living in Barcelona, Spain, is successfully following his life-long passion for drawing and...

Jonas Löfgren - Bath
February 22, 2019

Jonas Löfgren is a young Swedish illustrator who draws sulky, mysterious young feminine figures. His graphite and watercolor heroines remind me of...

Sweetheart Leather Vintage Patchwork Over Body Bag
July 29, 2018

Vintage scarf and leather patchwork sweetheart bag with gold effect metallic clasp fastening and long over the body leather strap

March 7, 2018

It was quite hard to choose between so many great collections shown in Paris but here they are, my favorite five Parisian fashion shows: Albert Kriemler, the founder of Akris...

Laura Laine's vision of fashion
January 12, 2018

Laura Laine is a young Finnish fashion illustrator who enlisted in her work resume titles like New York Times, Elle Girl, Páp Magazine, Fashion Forecast and Trendi. She also did...