A magic world for fearless ladies

Jonas Löfgren is a young Swedish illustrator who draws sulky, mysterious young feminine figures. His graphite and watercolor heroines remind me of Wednesday Adams or of Amelie, both intelligent, fearless, young ladies with a quirky persona.

Jonas Löfgren - Diamond no.5Jonas Löfgren - Diamond no.5

Löfgren also provides illustration for Lula magazine, where his works have another approach, closer to fashion and showbiz world. Portrayals of Chlöe Sevigny wearing Louis Vuitton or Mary-Kate Olsen in Lanvin are indeed, something unique in the glamour industry.

Delicate lines and magic backgrounds are also two important features of Jonas works. If you ask me, I'll tell you that this Swedish artist doesn't just draw. He explores a feminine universe with the talent of a psychologist, showing us the complexity of his character's dreams, feelings and beliefs.  

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