The posh ladies of Peggy Wolf

In Bloom illustration by Peggy Wolf

After studying Fashion Design for five years German artist Peggy Wolf decided that she loved drawing fashionable women more than making clothes for them. So after graduation in 2004 she began doing freelance illustration work for magazines. A following work experience in London in the Interior Design field increased her passion for textiles, colors and patterns which influenced her latter digital collages.

In Bloom illustration by Peggy WolfIn Bloom illustration by Peggy Wolf

From 2006 Peggy Wolf resides in the city on the River Thames where she creates these stylish and whimsical female portraits for clients around the globe. She uses watercolor, ink, gouache or pencils on paper sometimes adorned with bits of fabric while her digital collages are some eccentric and glamorous fairy tales woven around high fashion model-type characters.

Japan collage by Peggy WolfJapan collage by Peggy Wolf

International success didn’t hinder; recently, two of Peggy’s lovely illustrations, In Bloom and Lily were selected by Estee Stanley and Justin Timberlake for their exclusive home décor project, HomeMint.

High quality prints as well as original art works signed Peggy Wolf can be purchased online at Etsy, Culture Label and Big Cartel.

Magic Fairy collage by Peggy Wolf
Lily illustration by Peggy Wolf
Catalina illustration by Peggy Wolf
Creating a Story by Peggy Wolf
Exotic Flower Tattoo by Peggy Wolf
Unity illustration by Peggy Wolf
The Muse collage by Peggy Wolf
Sugar Sweet collage by Peggy Wolf

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