The marvelous world of Gabriel Pacheco

Gabriel Pacheco, Tres Ninas

Gabriel Pacheco is a remarkable Mexican illustrator. He became a published artist after his sister asked him to illustrate a story. Fortunately, Pacheco continued to explore his native talent and created a splendid portfolio of illustrations for children books, poetry volumes and fantastic literature.  

Gabriel Pacheco, The Little MermaidGabriel Pacheco, The Little Mermaid

Artists Hieronymus Bosch and Marc Chagall are mentioned as biggest inspirational sources that marked his evolution as an illustrator. Still, if you want my humble opinion, I’ll tell you that Gabriel Pacheco’s style is by far unique.

Gabriel Pacheco, Tres NinasGabriel Pacheco, Tres Ninas

He imagines surreal, intense characters like the ones from The Tree Niñas or from El Viaje, but he also creates romantic and legendary figures like the two lovers from Lontananza or The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen

Gabriel Pacheco, MaltratoGabriel Pacheco, Maltrato

Pacheco also enjoys playing with colors, oscillating from vivid blue and red to sepia or different grays. Last but not least, I have to mention I adore his mix of precise, sharp lines with soft, faded ones, and the simple backgrounds that make you read the stories over and over again.

Gabriel Pacheco, Me vuelvo noche
Gabriel Pacheco, El Viaje
Gabriel Pacheco, Lontananza
Gabriel Pacheco, Los Cuatro Amigos
Gabriel Pacheco, Taller de corazones
Gabriel Pacheco, Carmen
Gabriel Pacheco, Swan Lake
Gabriel Pacheco, Tres ninas

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