Kazuhiko Nakamura's 3D mechanical portraits

It was ten years ago when visionary Kazuhiko Nakamura began to work as a 3D digital artist, a decision that got him important awards in this art branch such as CG Choice Awards (2009), Animago (2006 - Rank 1), Museum of Digital Arts - Surrealism today Award (2nd Place). His works has been exhibited at Festival international des Arts visionnaires CHIMERIA in 2010 and used as cover image for books and music CDs.

Kazuhiko Nakamura, TriceratopsKazuhiko Nakamura, Triceratops

From his first work, an easy 3D model composed of simple geometric shapes and a photo image Kazuhiko Nakamura not only refined his technique, by creating the best combination of shapes, lighting and textures, but he also succeeded in exploring his own vision into the image. This entire voyage through the artist’s imagination is what makes his sets so unique; the artistic process is being compared to a puzzle game, one that can last for several months, even.

Kazuhiko Nakamura, TowerKazuhiko Nakamura, Tower

Kazuhiko Nakamura was born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1961. He works as an environmental graphic designer in Tokyo, while creating his surreal digital sets in his free time. During his formative years, Kazuhiko was strongly influenced by surrealistic paintings, cyberpunk art and before dedicating to 3D art he also experimented with watercolor and collages. His art has been also rated as Fantastic Art by Les Barany's Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles and brilliantly described as “a surreal hybrid of man and machine, a hard marriage of metal and flesh." by reviewers.

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