How to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

How to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

Everyone loves to look good when they see their reflection in the mirror. As we age, we start to cringe at what we see. Fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin are not what we hope to find. Unfortunately, age does creep up on us and make its presence known. That doesn't mean we have to live with it. There are treatment options out there to improve the skin and make it younger looking. No, it doesn't mean plastic surgery or being admitted to a hospital. Nonsurgical methods not only exist, but can actually work. Here are a few of the procedures for tightening skin.

Anti-Aging Creams
In recent years, topical products have been developed that can actually tighten the skin on the face and neck practically overnight. The results are mild and only work on fine lines and wrinkles, but are noticeable. Anti-aging creams do cost far less than clinical treatments, though the price also depends on the brand. The down side is that they are only temporary at best. To maintain the look, they must be applied regularly.

Laser Therapy
Using a specific spectrum of light, medical-lasers focus their energy on the underlying layer of skin called the dermis. The energy heats the cells which then causes the skin to contract or tighten while it also melts collagen to smooth the layers. It also encourages the cells to produce collagen which makes the skin healthier. These non-ablative lasers bypass the epidermis, or surface of the skin, leaving it unharmed. That means less recovery time and reduces the risk of infection from raw skin. If the treatment is uncomfortable, the technician can apply a numbing agent to the skin before the procedure starts. Laser therapy works well on mild to moderate sagging and wrinkles.

Radiofrequency Treatments
Also called Thermage, radiofrequency treatments use sound waves to heat the dermal layer of skin. Like laser therapy, it melts the collagen to smooth the skin while causing it to contract and tighten the dermis. It also stimulates collagen production like laser therapy. Thermage treatments do take a little longer than laser therapy, but also may require less treatments. There is minimal down time.

Another procedure for tightening skin is called Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound technology to tighten skin in the same manner as laser therapy and Thermage. However, treatments through Ultherapy only work on mild wrinkles and lines in the face, neck, upper chest, and jowls. It has not been FDA approved for use in any other areas as yet.

Choosing A Treatment
Different factors must be weighed when looking to select a treatment. Many people look at the cost of the treatments before anything else. The first factor to consider really needs to be the person who is considering a procedure. Your skin condition, tone, and age are all factors that need to be looked at first. If you seek treatment through a surgeon, they often conduct an initial consultation to review your options. Or consult with your primary doctor or dermatologist to find out which method they would recommend.

Choosing A Clinic
Not all clinics are the same. Look for one that has plenty of experience with the various skin tightening procedures. Make sure they have a great reputation as well. While local is convenient, don't seek a clinic by location without first checking out their reviews.

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