Like Wearing a Love Letter: Colleen Baran jewelry

I adore handmade designs; they send out so much of the creator's personality. As I laid my eyes on these gorgeous rings from Colleen Baran I just knew I had to have one. Colleen is a Canadian artist working in jewelry, photography and book-works, with a creating philosophy "based on a love of language, pattern and form".

You see me; ring by Colleen Baran


"You See Me" ring by Colleen Baran

She handcrafts her jewelry from various materials such as silver, paper, rubber, plastic and textiles using new, recycled and vintage supplies. The artist has been exhibited internationally and her latest show "Like Wearing a Love Letter" is being held at the Crafthouse Gallery in Vancouver until May the 4th, 2008.

Colleen Baran Jewellery


Colleen Baran Jewellery

In "Like Wearing a Love Letter" series, which includes "You See Me" ring, the artist says she wanted to make her jewelry look like love letters. Petals and strips made of milky polycarbonate and clear Mylar with hand written or carved words and love messages are sewn and crocheted into layered, fluttery forms.

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