Elegant dresses to wear this fall

Autumn is a popular season for weddings, probably due to the pleasant temperatures and natural colors that are excellent for fairy-tale photography. On the other hand, the holidays are over and everyone is available to spend with young couples. In our country, the tradition was that weddings should always be held in the fall so that the parents of the bride and groom could harvest the fruit of the field, make the wine and have the necessary resources to prepare all the preparations served at a traditional wedding.

At present, however, weddings can be organized at any time, except for periods of fasting. But many people still respect the tradition of planning the wedding in the fall.

Therefore, if you have at least one such event this season, choosing the outfit might give you a headache. But it is not so difficult. It is important to consider the type of wedding you are attending. The invitation can give you some clues as to which dress to choose. If the wedding takes place outdoors, which is an increasingly important trend in recent years, choose a dress more relaxed, elegant and at the same time comfortable.

For a day wedding, opt for lighter colors and fluid materials. And for a wedding that takes place at night, in a very elegant restored, then you can choose sophisticated, long dresses, from materials that offer a mysterious and sexy look like velvet, satin or lace. In terms of colors for an outfit autumn wedding, Interesting options are reminiscent tones of jewelry, such as ruby ​​red, sapphire blue, emerald green and citrus yellow. It combines these colors with textile materials that offer a discreet glow and inspire refinements such as velvet, satin or silk.

If you are invited to more than one wedding this season, you can use an effective trick to look flawless at each event and save money. Instead of buying expensive dresses that you can wear two to three times over time, rent a dress. It will cost you less and allow you to wear whatever you want.

Dresses with floral prints on a dark background are worn in the 2019 autumn-winter season. They are a variant of the flowered summer dresses, perfectly adapted for the cold season. A kimono tailor fits very well with such a print. You will get an interesting boho look.

Velvet dress

The velvet had a spectacular comeback a few years ago, and since then has remained strong in trends and regularly returns in trend especially in the cold season. A velvet dress is a perfect choice for a wedding. This material offers an unmatched refinement, and mysterious shades such as grain, blue, dark green, purple or yellow amplify this precious appearance.

Lace dress

The lace never goes out of style. If you want to invest in an elegant evening dress that you can wear countless times over the years, then opt for a lace dress.

"Little black dress" dress

This type of dress is a basic garment of any woman's wardrobe. If you want such a dress to bring an element of originality, opt for a slightly shorter dress in the front and longer at the back.

Elegant dresses with a bare shoulders have become more and more popular this year. Choose tight models on the body, which enhance your figure and complement the look with a complementary hairstyle such as the hair part or a back knit.

Fur-style dresses have become a true obsession for most fashionistas. They are included in original ways in casual outfits, but their true beauty is revealed when they are worn at special events.

The satin dresses are sexy and elegant, the discreet shine of the material giving precious air to the outfit.

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