The best hair supplements

Not only specific shampoos, masks and conditioners, even hair supplements help to strengthen and make your hair even healthier and more beautiful.

Fall , split ends , opacity, brittle and dry hair are some of the problems that afflict you, especially when you have a life at the mercy of smog and tight rhythms: periods of high stress , incorrect and healthy lifestyles , use of products and too aggressive treatments, seasonal changes and  various pathologies are some of the causes that can also cause hair problems. Relying on supplements is a great solution to try to resolve the situation. However, before embarking on any DIY route, it is always advisable to consult a specialist that can diagnose the causes and prescribe the correct therapy.

The best hair supplements

One of the main causes that does not allow to have healthy hair must in fact be traced in the diet , which is often lacking in some substances that are also fundamental for the hair. The best way to take them is to eat properly, but supplements can be taken if necessary. Here are what.

Amino acids and proteins : the most important protein to take, for hair health, is certainly keratin , which is also found in meat and fish. As for amino acids, the fundamentals are taurine , arginine , methionine and cysteine.

Vitamins : the most important to take into account when it comes to nutrition and any supplements to be taken are vitamin C and vitamin E , flavonoids and folic acid . Many of these can be taken by eating fruit such as citrus fruits and berries or vegetables such as broccoli. Do not forget the vitamin H , equally fundamental.

Mineral salts : the well-being of the hair absolutely needs magnesium , iron , zinc and copper. These are easily assimilable substances following a healthy and balanced diet. In case of deficiencies, on the other hand, it is possible to intervene with supplements.

The best hair supplements

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