Pop magazine: free fall

Fascinating shots done by photographer Ryan McGinley captured model Agyness Deyn in free fall, jumping off Manhattan building fire escape. The pictures (some of them of them showing Agyness naked or half-naked) are featured in the latest issue of Pop magazine, "The 80s Excess", evoking Eighties style icon Jenny Howarth. POP Magazine's editor-in-chief Katie Grand signed the fashion editing and the result is pure visual poetry. Art and fashion are meant to push boundaries so if these shock you that is a good sign.

Agyness Pop Magazine
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 02
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 03
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 04
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 05
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 06
Agyness Deyn - Pop - 07

Model: Agyness Deyn/Photographer: Ryan McGinley/Magazine: Pop

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