Camouflage Print for Spring 2008

These past few seasons I hardly saw any camouflage prints like this coat from Undercover Fall 2007 collection. But for spring 2008 camouflage prints are used for all types of clothes and fabrics from sheer dresses to blazers and whole outfits.

Undercover Fall 2007Undercover Fall 2007

Jean Paul Gaultier's collection is all about a tough chick, an US army soldier and buccaneer hybrid. Could camouflage print be the next fashion scoop? Will I see fashion crème de la crème "hidden" in green-brown clothes? With all that is going on in the world I just might. But it won't ever look chic, no matter how many pink bows adorn it.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Christopher Kane, Giorgio Armani, HeatheretteJean Paul Gaultier, Christopher Kane, Giorgio Armani, Heatherette

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