H&M spring/summer 2009 collection

H&M spring/summer 2009 collection

The Organic Cotton Spring 2009 Collection, a plea for eco-friendly design and organic materials, released by Swedish chain store H&M focuses on two key trends of the up-coming season: volume and curves, expressing a new femininity inspired by the style of 1950s and 1970s decades.


H&M collection spring 2009

The three spring 2009 lines, Retro-Romantic, Timeless Tailoring and Art&Architecture illustrate the main theme of the new H&M collection: the liberating variety in fashion. Layered, frilled, cotton dresses with flower prints, skirts and jackets with narrow waists in watercolors and light neutrals evoke the retro-romantic spirit of the 50s.

Elegant & androgynous safari looks, pant-suits and uniform-inspired voluminous cuts state 70s timeless tailoring. While the personal style of well-known artists and art & architecture references in patterns and prints inspired the third line of the spring collection, with a strong focus on curves and on color. There's coral, pale pastel shades of blue, green, pink and yellow as well as neon hues on shiny fabrics.


H&M lookbook spring 2009

I don't know about the super wide trousers and other voluminous cuts or the zebra-print jumpsuit/overall but the little fitted jackets and tapered leg pants are ... don't want to use 'to‘dye for' ... more than wanted.

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