Freedom and literature

Hysterical Minds is an international art group of Hispanic language, started in 2009. It has built a noteworthy repertory of projects (digital illustration, traditional painting, photography, mixed media) of approx 80 artists from 15 countries and is constant growing. The main goal of the artistic online collective is “getting better”, focusing on the promotion of its members and on various online and “offline” collaborations.

Hysterical Minds - Freedom ExpressionHysterical Minds - Freedom Expression

Every two or three months Hysterical Minds releases an online exhibition of works based on a certain theme, a mirror of the technical and conceptual development of the creative group. On 25th of April the art collective published its seventh exposition entitled Freedom – meaning that the artists were free to work on any subject. My favorite piece of the Freedom Expression is Baile con Medusas (Sirens Song) by Mexican artist Tony Sandoval.

Tony Sandoval, Sirens SongsTony Sandoval, Sirens Songs

London Miles is preparing another great show “an all-new group exhibition that takes a closer look at the content found inside the dusty book covers of iconic written works by great literary masters from across all generations.” 30 European artists showcase their visual interpretation of a favorite literature piece.

Literal.eyes group show at London Miles

Among them there's digital painter Tom Bagshaw from Bath, UK with the stunning image of Titania, inspired from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. Taking part in the show is also Nom Kinnear King who paints The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende, Camilla D’Errico who takes inspiration from Aida, the Italian opera by Giuseppe Verdi and Swedish artist Linnea Strid who uses the Little Mermaid story as a pretext to create another incredible “underwater” portrait in oils. Literal.eyes group show is opening on May 12th 2011 in an all new London Miles location. (East London, at 65 Hanbury Street)

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