Dreams revealed in Moon’s photographs

I’ve always loved dream-like, surreal photography. I’m a big fan of Man Ray’s works and recently I have discovered another incredible artist: photographer and filmmaker Sarah Moon.

Sarah Moon PhotographySarah Moon Photography

Her romantic, mysterious images often derive from her dreams, fantasies, symbols and are focusing on a series of recurrent themes like femininity, childhood, freedom, love and solitude.

Sarah Moon, a former model in the sixties, feels more attracted to fashion photography as this field is closer to art, to human soul and is less intrusive. Also, she believed, she can’t stand to be extremely incisive with her models, situation that might occur in photojournalism.

Sarah Moon PhotographySarah Moon Photography

As for her technique, in advertising as well as in her personal projects, Sarah Moon chooses to work, most of the time, in black and white, with long lenses and tight frameworks. She also uses diffuse, vivid and pictorial colors, their mixing proving once again the mastery of this British artist.

You can see more of her pictures on the following websites: Horvatland.com, Renate Gallois Montbrun, The Fashion Spot.

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