Jazzy Mood at Harper's Bazaar

The winter 2007/2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar Romania (it's only the second issue yet) features a photo shoot dedicated to the most fashionable and precious years. Glamour is a must and so is the nonchalant pose. Beautiful fluid outfits and luxurious details.
Photos by Ionu? Staicu. Model: Iulia Basaraba. Fashion Editor: Ramona Voicu in collaboration with Romanian costume and fashion designer Doina Levintza.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 01

Alexander McQueen dress, Lanvin necklace, Donna Karan shoes, Doina Levintza hat and shawl, Carla Szabo earrings.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 02

Lanvin dress, Nine West shoes, Doina Levintza necklace, Accessorize earrings, Dan Coma purse.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 03

John Galliano dress, Doina Levintza hat, fur shawl and gloves.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 04

Lanvin top, Max Mara trousers, Nine West shoes, Doina Levintza hat, cape and gloves.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 05

Alberta Ferretti dress, Lanvin necklace and Doina Levintza pearl strings.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 06

Doina Levintza dress, hat and gloves, Accessorize purse.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 07

Lanvin dress, Paul Smith shoes, Dan Coma handbag.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 08

Vanessa Bruno dress, Givenchy shoes, Doina Levintza fur shawl, hat and jewels.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 09

Balmain dress, Alberta Ferretti necklace and Doina Levintza hat.

Harper's Bazaar Jazzy Mood 10

Doina Levintza dress, gloves and beaded strings, Dan Coma purse and Lanvin necklace.

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