What to wear before fall

What is your in-between-seasons favorite wardrobe pieces? The ones that go perfectly with the last days of summer yet “stating” the upcoming fall's trends? Here are some sartorial ideas gathered from the pre-fall 2010 collections.

Floral print goes beyond summer days only now chose rich, autumn colors on deep colored background. A dress (a shirt or even a coat) in dark florals is a great way to end August and start the fall season.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: dark floraldark floral prints

A color combo loved by the French and avoid by rest of the nations (he he...kidding) is the infamous black and blue mix; I really don’t know why it had such a reputation until the pre-fall 2010 collection gave it a go. From cerulean to navy, mix your blue clothes with black or charcoal gray for a modern take.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: blue&blackblack&blue color combination

A little luxury never hurt anyone, I even hear is good for the morale too, so wrap yourself in golden clothes to start the fall in unashamed opulence. The cocktail golden dress is a good option but don’t hesitate to wear sparkling separates for the day, also.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: gold fevergolden clothes

Now it's the perfect time and weather to wear a full circle pleated skirt or a pleated dress in fall colors, prints and patterns, not only because the school year is about to begin for some but because such a fashionable lady-like garment is a must-have in your fall wardrobe.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: pretty pleatspleated circle skirts

The cropped jacket is back in style, only now, along with the "60s" tailored swing jackets, there’s also short lady-like blazers and little leather bomber jackets that skim the waist line.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: the cropped jacketshort jackets

Military chic is one of this year's main fashion trend but it is still too warm for tweed and other heavy fabrics so at the end of the summer gamble on silky, soft military inspired blouses, dresses, trenches and tapered trousers in light browns, greens and even salmon pink.

Pre-fall 2010 trend: military chicmilitary chic

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