Hottest summer accessory for free

In the spotlight since summer 2014, temporary flash tattoos not only didn't go away but they evolved into a fashion craze broadcasted all over the blogosphere and social media. If you are not aware of this shiny body makeup trend just look for #flashtattoo on Instagram or Tumblr. Hundreds of daily pics will initiate you in this matter.

The facts are these: flash tattoos look fabulous on a tanned skin so pool divas and beach babes are the first to master this trend. If heading to a outdoor party in a bohemian, flowy dress these faux jewelry designs are the perfect summer accessory: eye-catching and easy to wear. Even if you are not into tattoos or body art, the ever working imagination of fashion bloggers that joined this trend will make you want to try these for yourself.

The great news is that online street style platform StyleMoi.Nu is hosting a giveaway for all its members. You can get this tribal-inspired set of 4 flash tattoos practically for free by signing up as their member. You only need to cover the international shipping fee of USD$3.99 The set usual sells at USD$29.99 so if you want to get this offer you just need to signup at StyleMoi and put the set in your shopping bag. They are also hosting a flash tattoo photo competition so don't forget to take photos when you receive the flash tattoos and post them on your social accounts. More details here.

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