Five face treatments that can rejuvenate your skin tone

Here are five products that quickly make your skin radiant and healthy and do not leave marks on clothing.

Estée Lauder - Perfectionist Pro - Multi-Defense UV Fluid SPF 45 with 8 Anti-Oxidants

At its core, it is a sunscreen. Similar cosmetics should not be neglected in the winter: the sun is still there, and it is reflected from the snow.

The fluid is very easily distributed over the skin, does not emphasize peeling, and most importantly, generously adds radiance to the face. And, no matter how you look at it, you will not see sparkles and other reflective particles, so the Perfectionist Pro perfectly creates a sleek Asian dewy face effect. Shake fermly to activate the beautifully lightweight fluid

Price $45.00 at .

Estée Lauder - Perfectionist Pro - Multi-Defense

Organic Kitchen -  Glass Skin

The cream, which Masha Vorslav created in collaboration with the Organic Shop went through all beauty blogs and specialized publications. The cream is oily enough to nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out from frost.

Price $8.03 at

Organic Kitchen -  Glass Skin

Kiehl's -  Daily Reviving Face Oil

Kiehl's concentrates, which, frankly, would simply be called oils, are definitely on my personal top. This one doesn't seem to position itself as a replacement for makeup, but it just works that way. The product is quickly absorbed and felt on the skin not in a greasy layer, but as if it is a dry nutritious substance, and the hair does not stick to the face.

Price $75.00 - kiehls

Kiehl's -  Daily Reviving Face Oil


It has a light paste texture, which, however, is simply overdone. In this case, the coating may even slip, and if you apply a tone on top, it is unlikely to last long. But, if you apply Top Secrets little by little, it is able to replace several cans of cosmetic bags at once.

Price $40.00 -


Lumene - Valo Nordic-C  -  Radiance Flash Day Fluid

Lumene is perhaps one of the few brands to benefit from easy rebranding and price increases. The packaging has become prettier, the compositions are more complex, there are more active ingredients. After application, you are likely to directly feel how the face is tightened. The radiance is minimum, instead of it there is a slight scattering of light, due to which the enlarged pores and small reddenings become invisible.

Price € 25,90 -

Lumene Valo Nordic-C Radiance Flash Day Fluid

Erborian - Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream

In an unimaginable way, the Erborian brand combines French marketing and Korean trends. The light gel texture refreshes the skin and really highlights it slightly, but not like a highlighter, but the glycerin in the composition evens out the texture. Therefore, in general, the face looks rested.

Price $25.99 -

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