Earrings Collection

amber earrings
December 21, 2020

Have you ever considered that you should choose earrings based on your face shape? At the local jewellery store or online, women typically choose earrings based on colour,...

PyroPet Dýri Light Blue Candle
December 16, 2019

PyroPet Dýri Candle - a reindeer holiday version of their classic cat with metal skeleton. "Dýri is a short for hreindýr, which means reindeer in Icelandic. But it also means...

Ginkgo Biloba Earrings
September 4, 2019

Time for you environment lovers to turn a new leaf!! Treat yourself to these lovely earrings in the shape of ginko biloba, emblem of power! Earrings measures...

Green earrings
February 4, 2019

These gorgeous Angel earrings are made from high quality Czech glass beads and metal findings. Angel earrings are great for a gift.

Dragonfly Earrings
July 29, 2018

Beautiful dragonfly earrings just for pierced ears. Dimensions: wingspan of the dragonfly earing = 2.2cm, top to bottom =1.5cm.

July 29, 2018

Sun motif earrings are mad from 18 carat gold plated starling silver hook and one cubic zirconium stone. These earrings are for pierced ears. Dimensions: 55mm lengthways and 40mm...