Healed by the love for images

Jeremy O'Sullivan has a great flair for photography. He doesn't work for specific clients, so, from that point of view, Jeremy has the total liberty to make photos as he pleases and to reinterpret reality based on his very own criteria. And that's probably why his photographs are moving and artistic.

Jeremy O'Sullivan PhotographyJeremy O'Sullivan photography, Liu Yuan

What I like most is the fact that Jeremy sees this art as a form of therapy. It is also a form of resistance of everyday time flux and changes, and even a space of quiet violence in which you rethink and transform objects, people and even yourself.

In his work he uses cameras like Hasselblad or Seagull, and also an old digital camera based on point and shot technology. Jeremy O'Sullivan has some really good works. Born in New Zealand, he is now living in Beijing, and although he also studied sculpture in his early days, photography gave him a better way to express himself.

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