Spring/Summer 2011 key fashion themes from Printsource&Promostyl

Spring/Summer 2011 key fashion themes from Printsource&Promostyl

The Style Guide report published in January 2010, created by Promostyl and presented at Printsource show, emphasize four key trends for the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion season (including women's, men's, kids’ apparel market)

Spring/Summer 2011 theme Patchwork - "The Fifties injects a spirit of fun and exuberance in this theme created by free associations, eclectic assortments and cheery accumulations. Textiles take on a whimsical play with textures and structures for an arty and poetic feel. Prints are created with a bustling medley of textures, renderings and scales in a refreshing artistic and polychromatic vein. The color palette is a mix of matte gouache tones with vitamin accents and cozy neutrals."

Spring/Summer 2011 theme Transform - "The quest for a new elegance pairs science with sensuality for a theme that is tactile but strange. Fabrics focus on experimentations with yarns and new textures to create a modern minimalist style. Prints are inspired by the world of living patterns like bacteria, animal skins and X-Ray flowers. The color palette is made up of synthetic natural shades, chlorophyll greens and mutant skin tones."

Promostyl spring/summer 2011 theme: PatchworkPatchworkPromostyl spring/summer 2011 theme: TransformTransform

Spring/Summer 2011 theme Alternaive: "A post hippie romantic theme inspired by the Seventies and a handmade spirit with a dark undertone. A focus on basic high summer fabrics like pure cotton, plain to color wovens and stonewashed, bleached denims. Print focus on bucolic motifs, photography landscapes, botanical and insect plates that are treated in a naive romantic vein with a strange edge. The color range is made up of fresh clean pastels that are offset by a pop of pink and a somber brown."

Spring/Summer 2011 theme Archeolab: "A theme that fuses nature with the high tech drawing inspiration from the energy of the Sun and the Moon. Fabrics express a neo-primitive spirit with worn oxidized crepe surfaces and eroded weave textures. The color range is made up of intense pigment tones moderated with terracotta shades and deep nocturnal darks."

Promostyl spring/summer 2011 theme: AlternaiveAlternaivePromostyl spring/summer 2011 theme: ArcheolabArcheolab

Promostyl is a global trend forecasting agency with headquarters in Paris and a network of agents worldwide. Printsource, the Premier Market for Textile and Surface Design in the USA, showcases hundreds of collections by top international textile and surface design studios and agents. [source: infomat.com]

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