The perfume that makes you feel like a goddess

When you believe that nothing can astonish you, you are irretrievably captivated by a perfume with bright and mystical notes, which embodies a magnetic woman, empathetic and strong. The famous Mugler Alien perfume returns with a new visual campaign that captures the omnipotent energy that every woman emanates. Alien envelops you in a seductive unearthly charm, challenging you to rediscover your femininity as a rare and precious asset.

When I first wore the Alien perfume, I had the feeling that I could finally access aspects of my femininity that I didn't know yet. I felt that I was irrevocably accepting myself and that a new admiration for what I was and for my infinite potential was awakening in me. Alien is an incarnation of the latest female wave, celebrating the strong, talented, spiritual woman connected to the world around her.

The beautiful Willow Smith is the muse of this perfume, a singer with neo-soul vibrations, actress, writer, and producer at only 20 years old. Yet, her talent seems to know no bounds. A complex artist and a charismatic fashion figure, Willow Smith capitalized on her unique influence and energy for the advantage of causes as diverse as her accomplishments, such as free education for young girls and the social integration of disadvantaged peoples through art.

Her deep commitment transforms everything she achieves into inclusion, altruism, and freedom of expression. Her innate style, penetrating gaze, and magnetic presence make her an aspirational symbol for the younger generation. Willow Smith is the embodiment of total femininity, a challenge to society's standards and gender norms, and, without a doubt, the earthly image of ALIEN Eau de Parfum.

Bright amber notes, sensual woody notes, and delicate floral notes will open the door to a fascinating universe of femininity. Jasminum sambac brings delicacy and nonconformity to the strong notes of Alien. Cashmeran wood vibrations open on your skin with an enigmatic sensuality, while Ambra Alba brings you the comfort and delicacy of white mohair.

More than ever, Mugler is committed to creating perfumes, searching for a new, more ethical view of luxury. Mugler is currently working with his partners to create a community dedicated to responsible development projects, conserving nature, and protecting its resources. One of the best quality ingredients, Jasminum sambac, is harvested by hand from March to October, at dawn, before flowering closes. IFF Laboratoire Monique Rémy has carefully selected the Sambac jasmine from the Alien fragrance through its partner Nesso in southern India.

This approach makes it possible to control the source and ensure producers' fair wages and working conditions. In addition, the perfume house uses this sustainable development program for the military for less pesticide use, better access to water for crops and producers, educating producers on best practices, especially in organic farming, and research on new sustainable processes.

A new Mugler chapter: Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum

It's time to get to know the goddess inside you, the magnetism of the new Alien Goddess. The blank page of this story is both a beacon of optimism and a shield against an outer world full of unprecedented challenges. The alien journey, inspired by the imaginary journeys of Manfred Thierry Mugler, enters a new era with Alien Goddess, bringing the origins of life in our dreams for the future. Alien Goddess invites you to an extraordinary world in which to explore the sacred and luminous beacon of a new generation in a mystical search. The perfume is a manifesto for a new type of neo-femininity, inclusive and optimistic.

Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum is embodied by Willow Smith, a magnetic muse of the new era. Like Willow, you can leisurely explore femininity's sensual aspects, trusting in a bright future that opens all your gates. Your unique journeys begin as soon as the stunning notes of Alien Goddess open on your skin: sparkling bergamot, cashmere, Indian jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla.

After years of uncertainty and chaos, humanity is looking for a new kind of future. The deterioration of the feeling of normality has led to the rejection of a return to lifestyles that now seem obsolete. Instead, we are inspired by the need to create a new world that will nourish and unite us. This collective aspiration for a brighter future paved the way for a fascinating female figure.

Willow Smith is guided by her inner strength and knows how to make the earth fruitful and create life, hope, and beauty through her gentleness. She amplifies her divine gifts by uniting her energy with a mystical flower - the golden flower - inviting us all to be part of this journey. As the embodiment of mysterious, new-age femininity, she carries the universal message of a better world: connected with nature, spiritually receptive, resilient, creative, and generous. This muse is a goddess: Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum.

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