Nathalie Choux, a delicate fantasy world

French ceramist Nathalie Choux started her artistic career as an illustrator and author of children books. With degrees in Applied Arts and Arts Decoratifs in Paris and a year of study at the National School of Puppetry in Prague, Nathalie made a natural turn from graphic to ceramic art, creating a wonderful world both poetic and quirky.

Le Mouton Noir, ceramic sculpture by Natalie ChouxLe Mouton Noir, ceramic sculpture by Natalie Choux

Her ceramic works are full of character exuding warm, witty humor but also emotional power, laying out expressions like reflection, melancholy or malice. Inspired by wild nature and childhood, especially by the latter’s fantasies, Natalie Choux creates unique, playfully charming and richly detailed ceramic pieces. The sculptures, installations and also pottery pieces like vases, plates, bowls or cups show narrative flair and eye-catching aesthetic.

The main reason to pursue ceramic art was the drive to create something that didn’t exist on the market. And that the artist certainly accomplished as the wonderful pieces are three dimensional renderings of Natalie's one-of-a-kind illustrated universe.

The main character of Natalie Choux’ work is a "woman disguising as a little girl" imagined in various whimsical situations such as emerging from the center of a plate, or contemplating her magnified reflection in one, strolling in the wood on top of a lid or finding herself in a peculiar rendezvous with a rabbit character. Other pieces depict an innocent black sheep, a gentle fantastic beast, a white ermine with a red swimming cap and other enchanted forest creatures.

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