Paintings and pixels

Ditte Isager, Blommingdales

I love Ditte Isager's style. Her photographs remind me of Johannes Vermeer's paintings, due to the way she uses light and mixes colors, objects and materials.

Ditte Isager, The World of Gloria VanderbiltDitte Isager, The World of Gloria Vanderbilt

In a clear Nordic style, Ditte creates beautiful advertising campaigns and also travel, interior, lifestyle shootings and portraits. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ditte lives and works in New York, where she often gets inspired by motion pictures and her life in the Big Apple.

Ditte Isager, Indigo
Ditte Isager, Blommingdales
Ditte Isager, Amongst Objects
Ditte Isager, Ballerinas
Ditte Isager, Canvas
Ditte Isager, Collectors
Ditte Isager, Dolls&Flora
Ditte Isager, Everen Tekinoktay portrait
Ditte Isager, Home of Ochre

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