Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009 ad campaign

Marc Jacobs calls on again photographer Juergen Teller to shoot the spring-summer 2009 ad campaign starring Brazilian topmodel Raquel Zimmermann. The images show a sun-soaked orchard with pomegranate trees and a tea-party dressed young lady wandering about, climbing on ladders to pick fruits.

The shiny fabrics, bold colors and clashing prints go together almost organically with the blue sky and warm meadow hues. All this could sound boringly nice if it wasn't Juergen Teller who brings his signature gritty, raw aesthetic with soft, muted color palette and realistic touches.

There's something funny and something unsettling too about these images; take the extra shadow, for example, or the sunset light, that chair and so on...

Ad campaign: Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009 womenswear
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Model: Raquel Zimmermann

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