About politics and rock'n'roll

Rivers Are Deep, illustration

She never ties her shoelaces. It's just a thing never to be done in rock'n'roll. A brief description in total opposition with the endless world the artist RiversAreDeep reveals trough her illustrations and designs.

illustration by RiversAreDeepillustration by RiversAreDeep

She often uses water-colors, acrylic and black indian ink to merge into the world of her boundless creativity. One can also see that her works are also inspired by her favorite books and music; I myself saw some Bulgakov influences in this artist's works. Most of her works are sketches and abstract studies coming out of the inner self: love, culture, politics, stories and travel musings. I think they are breathtaking. Do you?

 "Zine Dreamers Ball" by RiversAreDeep
"Take me into your skin" by RiversAreDeep
Postcards set, "From Russia with Luck" by RiversAreDeep
Old City illustration  by RiversAreDeep
New British Film Festival illustration by RiversAreDeep
Illustration for MT by RiversAreDeep
"Fat Toy Idleness" by RiversAreDeep
"Rabbits Encyclopedia" by RiversAreDeep

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