Bruno 9Li's metaphysical world

Bruno 9Li's metaphysical world

One might have a true spiritual revelation when looking at these fantastic works of art signed Bruno 9Li. The vibrant illustrations of this young Brazilian artist (real name Bruno Novelli, born 1980) draw their ideas from metropolitan Brazil, wild nature, pop-culture (comics and sci-fi films), Art Nouveau, conquistadores and alchemical imagery.

Renewing For Ever

Bruno 9Li - Three Corners

Each piece, drawn in acrylic, ink and markers on paper, is unique but connected with the rest of the works in a chaotic, supernatural, pantheistic universe, at the same time futuristic and ancestral. His art is centered on fantastic metamorphosis between man and beast, beast and nature, nature and man.

Bruno 9Li
Bruno 9Li
Intergalactic Bugio
GoNow Bruno 9Li
Bruno 9Li
Bruno Novelli
Aurora - Bruno Novelli
Agora ZN
Tudo se Renova na Terra - Bruno 9Li
Power of Meta - Bruno 9Li

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