Folkloric Influences

One rich source of inspiration for fashion designers is the vast cultural heritage of all countries around the world. Reinterpreting the folk costume has always been a challenging task and the folk trend comes back to attention every now and then.

Folkloric InfluencesFolkloric Influences

Eastern European rich craft was a big direction last winter, now designers looked for inspiration in warmer landscapes: from Latin America to Asian Islands and back to “corrida” land, beautiful Spain.

Tunic dresses, peasant hats, short kimonos with flowing sleeves make for a chic “back to the nature” look. Main features of this current trend: paisley patterns or border prints with strong bands of colour, lacing, embroidery and piping, smock shapes and square yoke necklines, ruffles, flounces and full sleeves. Handicraft texture is a key word. Also patchwork styled smock frocks at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui bring back the boho chic look. (More about that in a future post).

Ultimately the globe trotter look will continue this trend in the upcoming seasons. Gucci's folkloric purple dresses cinched with triple red belts are going to be a huge hit. They seem to be wearable by any type of silhouette and look great paired with red handbags and high heel strap sandals.

Folkloric InfluencesFolkloric Influences

Roberto Cavalli sent down on the runway glamorous “senoritas” dressed in dramatic long dresses and matador suits teamed with deluxe flip-flops and gold jewelry.

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