dutch designers

Hunter painting by Laura Bifano
April 4, 2020

Growing up on Vancouver Island and spending summer weeks in epic surroundings (when going camping with the family in the middle of the woods) gave Canadian artist...

Salon shoes
July 29, 2019

White leather mixes with perforated black patent in a stylish take on the traditional viewer oxford. Attention-getting technique is supported by a serenely textured rubber-wrapped...

Kristiana Pärn, Rabbits in vermilion
September 21, 2018

I simply love Kristiana Pärn's drawings. Her cute forest animal-characters make me think of children books and imagine all sorts of stories like the unlikely...

Print Pump
July 29, 2018

Conceptual black-and-white print revs up a pleasing signature pump, perched on a golden wrapped heel designed by Diane von Furstenberg and made in Italy.

Peep-toe oxford
July 29, 2018

Fashionable peep-toe oxford is styled with a covered platform and a shaped heel. These salon shoes are designed by Pura Lopez and made in Spain.

Cassandra Rhodin, Leopard
April 28, 2018

Cassandra Rhodin is a Swedish fashion illustrator that loves to draw bold, chic, sensual women inspired by the iconic style of the roaring 20s and by silent movie...

Colleen by Jennifer Busking
April 15, 2018

Jennifer Busking is a talented, young fashion illustrator from Netherlands who studied fashion design and has keen interests in design, art, cinema, photography, music and...

Folkloric Influences
February 17, 2017

One rich source of inspiration for fashion designers is the vast cultural heritage of all countries around the world. Reinterpreting the folk costume has always been a challenging...