Laura Bifano's whimsical nature

Hunter painting by Laura Bifano

Growing up on Vancouver Island and spending summer weeks in epic surroundings (when going camping with the family in the middle of the woods) gave Canadian artist Laura Bifano a special sense of nature displayed in her vibrant, whimsical gouache paintings. An avid drawer since childhood, when she entertained her friends and family with her imagination, Laura fancies surrealist art, graphic narrative including Pokemon cartoons and retro video games, and “cheesy 70's science fiction”.

Laura Bifano, HunterLaura Bifano, Hunter

The love for wild nature and retro video games joined beautifully to create the unique surrealist Menagerie series in which polygonal shaped animals are clashing with a natural habitat painted in a classic style. They are a beautiful comment on the juxtaposition of nature and digital world in modern life.

Other paintings imply the strong connection of man and nature whether it's serene (Lovers) or unsettling (The Hunter). Nature itself is a mysterious, powerful character in Laura Bifano’s artwork, often painted with foggy-mist effects. It adds to the narrative quality, a feature considered to be essential for a good illustration.

A graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design, Laura now lives in Victoria, BC and works as a concept and storyboard artist, and editorial illustrator. Her client projects range from informative publications and medical magazines to children stories and animation. You can buy the Animal Pixel Series (Menagerie) prints from Laura Bifano’s store and you should also take a look at the artist's drawings based on her memories of Pokémon anime characters.

Laura Bifano painting, Monkeys, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, Peacock, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, Snub nosed monkeys, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, Tiger, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, Badger, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, The Hunt, Menagerie series
Laura Bifano painting, Lovers
Laura Bifano illustration, Clash

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