Musée Galliera presents: The Roaring Twenties

If you want to find out more about Jazz Age fashion you should definitely check out The Roaring Twenties (1919-1929)/"Les Années Folles" exhibition held at Galliera, Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris until 29 Feb 2008.

The exhibition has on display 170 designs, 200 accessories and 50 perfumes and not only that, the scenography: photos, music and videos are meant to bring you into the flapper world and share the life of this "Parisian chic".

You will have the chance to experience the open spirit of the glamorous 1920s: the excitement of driving a car, the freedom to have the hair cut very short, to wear lipstick, to smoke in public, to show a modern lifestyle. Among the big names exhibited are the Callot sisters, Chanel, Poiret, Talbot, Worth and Lanvin, evoking the Pavillon de l'Elegance (International Exhibition of Decorative Arts 1925 in Paris).

Poster The Roaring Twenties at Galliera, ParisPoster The Roaring Twenties at Galliera

Simple day clothes with sports/mannish inspired cuts, made from soft fabrics adorned with discreet ribbons, laces and braids are shown along evening precious frocks: lamé, metallic lace and fringe, satin and chiffon embroidered with pearls, stones, feathers and rhinestones.

The last part of the exhibition shows the main trends that have crossed the 1920s fashion: modernity with Vionnet, Lelong, Art Deco with Jean Dunand, painting with Delaunay, Gontcharova, and influences, from Japan to Russia, through Africa, inspired prints and embroideries, so "roaring twenties".

Roaring Twenties at GallieraTennis Attire

Photos: Egidio Scaioni, model: Lucien Lelong, © Egidio Scaioni/Galliera.

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