Pretty little clutch

This is definitely my all time favorite type of small handbag. What is so great about it is that it gives a retro-chic look to the whole outfit, especially this intricate golden clutch from Dorothy Perkins. Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins I personally favor the wrist purse which is more practical, like those in silver, fuchsia and electric blue, also from D.P.

The black one with golden details- studs, buckles and charm pendants- from Juicy Couture, would perfectly complement a 80s inspired look. For a British outfit I choose the plaid envelope from Kate Spade and for a romantic date- the red leather envelope (Dorothy Perkins). Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins Juicy Couture Charmed ClutchJuicy Couture Charmed Clutch Kate Spade Mackinac Ava ClutchKate Spade Mackinac Ava Clutch Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins

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