Spider Earrings

I know I might be a little bit late with this post as Halloween is only three days ahead but I can't ignore this trend in fashion accessories: spider jewelry. I especially like the spider and spider-web earrings for the creepy crawling through the hair effect.

Wendy Humphrey Etsy ShopWendy Humphrey Etsy Shop

Spiders really scare me (goose skin even) but chic spider earrings have a "therapeutic" effect especially when you see the look on your friends' faces.
This brass, filigree and black crystal spider earrings with a vintage look are from wendyhumphreys Etsy Shop. They're only $18.00 and you should check this store for other great vintage findings and artisan jewelry.

Sabrina SilverSabrina Silver

These sterling silver spider web earrings, $12.95, are from Amazon seller Sabrina Silver.

Yep, you'll be the center of the Halloween party with these eye catching earrings but you can wear them any other day as of their rich symbolism. Spiders are omnipresent throughout folklore and mythology. The spider is a symbol of patience, wisdom and good luck as well as of mischief, malice and possessiveness. So choose the symbol you like.

Badali JewelryBadali Jewelry

Spider Earrings with Gemstone, $45.00, from Badali Jewelry.

Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson Spider Earrings, brass and Swarovski crystal, $60.00 from Nordstrom.

Treasured FindsTreasured Finds

Sterling Silver Studs, $9.95 from Treasured Finds.

Gothic StyleGothic Style Black Widow Single Earring, silver and pewter, £6.50, Gothic Style.

Lydia CourteilleLydia Courteille

And...gold, rubies and diamonds earrings, Lydia Courteille design from La Boutique Des Joailliers. These ones cost "merely" 4400.00 € but, hey they worth it and if you got the budget...

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