Useless Design: The Stiletto Handbag

Stiletto Handbag

Does anyone see the point of these so called (this made me laugh a little) “latest trend” stiletto handbags. No really? I mean, seriously, where does this idea come from? Was it a mind driven by childhood pirate tales with treasures hidden in filthy boots?(I'm not sure about that) If that be the case, what's up with the stiletto heel? Who could have thought that it would be fun to wear your shoe as a handbag or as a shoulder bag, whichever is more obvious? Because this is the purpose, right? To be stopped on the street and be asked "Hey, miss! Where's the other boot?" But who would wear such drollery? I can't imagine.

Polka Dot Booties HandbagPolka Dot Booties Handbag

If you're curious about how much this cost take a look here.

I found several prints and, well,...styles on eBay (no names here, go look for yourself) and the higher gets the stiletto heel the more I think of what you can do with it (don't look for logic here). And here is what I came up with:

1. You can break the emergency glass in case of...well, of an emergency case.

2. You can beat up a cutpurse with the heel of your...purse.

3. You can ring a door bell with it if your fingers are numb or you're just lazy.

Other ideas? Anyone?

Stiletto HandbagsStiletto Handbags

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